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I guys,

I'm honestly a git noob, so I was hoping somebody could explain why this happens:

# git pull
remote: Generating pack...
remote: Done counting 67 objects.
Result has 53 objects.
remote: Deltifying 53 objects...
remote:  100% (53/53) done
Unpacking 53 objects...
remote: Total 53 (delta 38), reused 0 (delta 0)
 100% (53/53) done
* refs/remotes/[branch]: fast forward to branch 'devel' of git://somewhere/git/package
  old..new: ffd71b1..8e1b4b1
Updating ffd71b1..8e1b4b1
foo/bar/file.py: needs update
fatal: Entry 'foo/bar/file.py' not uptodate. Cannot merge.